Pacific NW Morgan Road Trip

From Bob McKenna:

I’m planning a trip for 2018 primarily for Morgans that will travel to the Pacific Northwest. A preliminary itinerary has been developed with the assistance of Bill Button (Morgan owner from Washington state) who knows the roads very well.

The trip officially begins on Sept. 6 in Rapid City, SD, but there will be caravans of cars traveling the flyover territory to get there. From Rapid City the trip is 17 days visiting Yellowstone, Glacier, Olympic, and Crater Lake parks as well as attractions along the way. The trip ends in Northern California and getting home is everyone on their own. Some folks are extending the trip and touring the west while others will be heading east. Participants can join these groups. Hotels are moderately priced and driving on most days will be leisurely.

Warning! There will be interstate traveling from Cleveland to Rapid City. This is necessary in order to get there as quickly as possible. Speed will be a reasonable 60 mph or so. We don’t want wear ourselves and cars out before the real fun begins. About 6 hours driving a day.